A garden makeover for a rental property

by Garden Services on December 1, 2011

One of our recent projects illustrates well some of the gardening issues you may want to consider yourself if you are planning to rent out your property.
Gardens are important selling features, regardless of whether you are wanting to sell or rent, and can make all the difference between getting an offer or achieving the desired rent or not. Gardens provide much needed outdoor space, be it for entertaining or letting the kids get some fresh air, and it is important that they meet the requirements of your intended target group.
However, with rental properties there is the additional consideration that they must be easily maintainable, as tenants are unlikely to be prepared to put many hours in to with complex gardening.  Some owners try to work around this issue by making extensive use of decking or even paving, with only minimal planting, but this approach does not really work if your target audience are families with children.
Putting gardens out to lawn is an obvious solution, which works well with children, and is relatively easily maintained. However, for a lawned garden to look good long term, it is important that the process is done properly. The best way to grow a lawn is, of course, from seed, but in a makeover project we don’t really have the time available to do so. So the next best is to use good quality turf and to take great care to prepare the plot carefully  before turfing.
Here is how the above considerations affected our project:
The garden of the property in question had not been maintained well for a while and it was obvious that some work was required to make it presentable. As house was very much targeted at families with children, the client decided early on that  laying to lawn would be the best approach.
The garden was essentially a rectangular space with a tree, some shrubs and several years’ worth of weeds.
In addition, as there had been some raised beds in the past, this meant that the garden required also some levelling, before turf could be put down.
Green Drop spent a significant amount of time removing old bedding, digging out the roots of weeds, shrubs and plants to avoid these coming up and interfering with lawn once established.
The result was a simple, no nonsense garden, which would only require minimal maintenance, but still worked well an attractive outside space to kick a ball around or kick up your feet.

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