Creating a playground for the family in Kingston

Philip and his family had lived in their home in Kingston for about 2 years.  When they first moved in they absolutely loved the house, but the garden didn’t quite feel right for them.

When the house was first built the developers had put a garden in that wasn’t as family friendly as they had hoped for.  They wished to have a playground for the kids and plants in the garden that they had chosen, such as magnolias.

We met with Philip to discover what his family wanted from the garden and then set to work on creating that vision.  

This involved preparing the play area with artificial grass and setting up the playground, planting new shrubs and plants and laying some paving.  A fitted irrigation system for the entire garden was also installed.

The end result was a new garden and playground area for the family that included trees like a magnolias which they were particularly keen on having.

Working with the Green Drop team was brilliant.  They were trustworthy and professional – we left them with keys to the gate so they could let themselves in as needed.  All of the team were polite, tidy and easy to work with.